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intelligent intervention a non fiction book by author r s - the missing link in the history of human evolution and a factual account of man s origin including the ten steps to peace on earth, amazon com intelligent intervention 9781457507786 - intelligent intervention is a contemporary masterpiece it pulls together all of the most compelling evidence that has been gathering but ignored by the main stream establishment into a single comprehensive accurate description of human history, intelligent intervention creation com - research generally involves human intervention at some level an important factor to consider however is what level of interference from an intelligent investigator is justifiable south african correspondent louis v r thought he had spotted an inconsistency between our feedback response article, intelligent intervention by robert steven thomas goodreads - intelligent intervention has 13 ratings and 1 review carl said this marvelous book turns the table on history debunking instead the modern historian s, intelligent intervention product service facebook 15 - researchers cannot yet say whether their discovery stems from life or a more mundane geological process however we re in a really good position to move forward looking for signs of life said jennifer eigenbrode a nasa biogeochemist and study lead author, intelligent intervention matures into key piece of well - many oil and gas wells are smarter with more automated monitor and control capabilities than ever but regardless of how much state of the art technology is placed downhole even the most intelligent well eventually will need an intervention as a result of equipment failure scale or sand build up or integrity problems with tubulars, intelligent intervention extraterrestrial contact - robert steven thomas has written an excellent new book entitled intelligent intervention the missing link in human evolution robert is a retired executive and multi disciplined historion and of course author, intelligent intervention by conversational agent through - e learning systems based on a conversational agent provide the basis of an intuitive responsive engaging interface for the online learner this paper proposes an approach to intelligent intervention and strategic pedagogical design for improving student engagement when chatting with a conversational agent